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Dave's Detailing, LLC is an eco-friendly automotive detailing business established in 2010. Our clients have enjoyed the convenience of us bringing the detail shop to them for over a decade. No more waiting at the shop for hours or looking for a ride. Experience quality care for your vehicle from the comfort of your home. Water usage is minimized and we use biodegradable products. Gift Certificates Available  (Servicing Southwest Washington)




  [HOURLY RATE $50.00]

*BASIC  -  Vacuum Carpets, Clean Windows Inside/Out, Wipe Dash. ----------------  1 HOUR *Minimum Charge

*GOLD  -  Vacuum Carpets, Shampoo Carpets and Seats, Extract Carpets, Clean Windows Inside/Out, Wipe Dash, Wipe Panels, Clean Center Console, Condition Leather, Air Freshener. ---  2 HOURS *Minimum Charge




(Add to any Interior Package)


 Leather Condition Seats --------------------------- $25.00
Scotch Guard Seats and Carpet ----------------- $25.00
Steam Clean Cup Holders and Carpet --------- $50.00
Excessive Pet Hair Removal ---------------------- $50.00




Mon-Fri:    8:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Saturday:  10:00 AM - 5:00 PM


"Up The Resale, Get It Detailed." 


 [HOURLY RATE $50.00]

BASIC  Wash Exterior, Hand Dry, Shine Tires. -------------------------------  1 HOUR *Minimum Charge

GOLD  Wash Exterior, Strip Wax, Hand Dry, Hand Wax, Shine Tires. -----  2.5 HOURS *Minimum Charge

DELUXE  Wash Exterior, Strip Wax, Hand Dry, Clay Exterior, Single Foam Polish, Hand Wax, Shine Tires. ----------  4 HOURS *Minimum Charge




(Add to any Exterior Package) 


Engine Bay Wash and Degrease ----------------- $25.00
Clay Exterior Paint (Contaminate Removal) ----- $50.00
Polish Headlights -------------------------------------- $50.00
Water Spot Removal (Windows / Paint) ------- $50.00/hr
Paint Sealant (Increased Durability) ---------------- $75.00

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